Backend Operations

Backend Operations

Backend operations both for QMORE Checkout Seamless and QPAY Checkout Page are called by a server-to-server request from your web server to the QENTA Checkout Server. These operations are possible to call automatically from the backend or manually from your user interface. They’re subdivided into two categories:

Technical Implementation

To start an operation a request needs to be sent from your web server to the following URL at the QENTA Checkout Server:

You can find the example here.

Enable server-to-server requests within the configuration of your web server.

You have to set specific parameters depending on the operation you want to use. You can get a list of all possible transaction-based backend operations using the operation getOrderDetails.

For a proper request you have to set the correct HTTP header elements within your request:

Table 1. HTTP Header Parameters
HTTP header parameter Description and value


Domain name of server, value:


User agent string of client


MIME type of the body, value: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Length of body in bytes


Type of connection, value: close

Incorrect setting of the header parameters results in an HTTP 403 error message of the QENTA Checkout Server.


To start an operation you have to set all required parameters to their corresponding values.

Optional request parameters for backend operations.