Backend Operations

Transaction-Based Operations

Transaction-based operations depend on existing orders, which have been completed by your online shop consumer.

Table 1. Available Transaction-Based Operations
Operations Description


Cancel an approval, typically done by your consumer in your online shop.


Convert an approval into a deposit.


Cancel a deposit.


Return all order details including corresponding payments and credit notes.


Create a new order based on an existing order, typically used for subscriptions.


Create a credit note for an order, typically done by the merchant after the consumer returned an ordered product.


Cancel a credit note.


Create a credit note without dependency on an pre-existing payment.

Availability of a transaction-based operation depends on:

  • Payment method

  • Financial institution

  • Current state of the payment/order

You can always get all currently available transaction-based operations of a specific order by using the operation getOrderDetails.

Operations by Payment Method

You can find a detailed table displaying all supported payment methods and their corresponding transaction-based operations at transaction-based operations by payment method.

Non-Transaction-Based Operations

Non-transaction-based operations don’t depend on existing orders and are carried out independently of any existing orders.

Table 2. Available Non-Transaction-Based Operations
Operation Description


Create a new order number in the payment system.


Querying possible and supported financial institutions of a certain payment method.

Availability of a non-transaction-based operation depends on: