How to Perform A/B-Testing to Improve Your Conversion Rate?

How to Perform A/B-Testing to Improve Your Conversion Rate?

There is usually more than one way to integrate and configure QPAY Checkout Page in your online shop.

QPAY Checkout Page can be configured regarding

  • Payment methods and their availability

  • User experience and design via different customization possibilities

  • Additional parameters influencing the payment process of your consumer like displayText, …​

Testing different configurations in direct comparison can help to select the configuration that delivers the highest conversion rate.


You can use different configurations of QPAY Checkout Page with your customer ID using different IDs for the optional request parameter shopId.

For each shop ID a different configuration can be set by our support teams. If you wish to compare two configurations, please contact our support teams to configure two shop IDs according to your requirements, e.g. an additional custom template or changes in the configuration you want to test.

Then either

  • Randomly select one of the shop IDs when a consumer starts the payment.

  • Or set the first shop ID in your online shop and change the configuration at a later time.

  • Or select a configuration depending on the country your consumer is resident.

Log the results in correlation to the respective configuration for comparison purposes e.g. with custom parameters. Evaluate the configurations after a certain period of time.


The optional parameter shopId has to be enabled. If the parameter is not enabled, contact our support teams.