How to find out which back-end operations are possible?

How to find out which back-end operations are possible?

For many steps during the purchase process you can carry out equivalent back-end operations. E.g. if you ship the items your consumer has ordered you want to deposit or capture the amount. Or if your consumer has returned some items you want to refund a certain amount. However, the availability of such back-end operations depends on the payment method and the state of the payment. Thus, you are interested in seeing only the possible back-end operations for each order.


If you handle back-end operations via the QPC Payment Center you already see only the available back-end operations.


When implementing back-end operations in your system you can determine the possible transaction-based operations for each order by invoking getorderdetails. This operation returns the parameter operationsAllowed which contains a comma-separated string of available back-end operations or an empty string if no back-end operation is possible.


If your solution is QMORE Checkout Seamless the back-end operations are already available for you to use. If your solution is QPAY Checkout Page we ask you to contact our support teams to enable Toolkit light if this has not yet been done so.