How to Set a Unique ID For All Involved Parties?

How to Set a Unique ID For All Involved Parties?

There are many parties involved in a payment process and the processing of orders including all subsequent accounting and controlling mechanisms. Sometimes a unique ID which is visible in every stage during the payment process and across all involved parties is very helpful, e.g. in QPC Payment Center, at the acquirer and in the customer statement of your consumer, allowing each involved party to refer to the same specific transaction.


QPAY Checkout Page and QMORE Checkout Seamless offer various request parameters to include the ID generated in your system, e.g. your online shop.

Set an ID …​ Request parameter to use

…​ in the bank statement issued to your consumer by the financial service provider.


…​ visible during the checkout process using QPAY Checkout Page.


…​ in the QPC Payment Center.

orderReference / merchantReference

…​ for your financial service provider.


…​ as order number in QPAY Checkout Page or QMORE Checkout Seamless.


Common pitfalls

The parameters customerStatement, orderReference and merchantReference are, depending on the payment method, variably restricted regarding length and characters. Due to these restrictions your ID may get cut off if placed at the end of a parameter and if the length restriction is exceeded. Therefore it is preferable to place the ID at the beginning.

For further information on the restrictions that apply refer to the corresponding pages on Integration of specific payment methods.