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How to facilitate payments as a marketplace?

Handling credit card payments in a marketplace with multiple merchants requires additional consideration and configuration. The payment can be handled by the marketplace, which means that the consumer only has to enter the credit card details once. But since the marketplace itself does not sell anything on its own, each payment needs to be individually deposited for each merchant and, if necessary, refunded for each merchant.


When initializing a payment, the payment facilitator parameters need to be provided containing the data of the marketplace.

When depositing a partial amount for one of the merchants, the same parameters must be provided for the back-end operation deposit but with the data of the respective merchant. The shopping basket data should also be provided containing the items the respective merchant has shipped. Refund and recurPayment are performed the same way.

The relevant parameters are:

  • subMerchantId
  • subMerchantName
  • subMerchantCountry
  • subMerchantState
  • subMerchantCity
  • subMerchantStreet
  • subMerchantZipCode


The additional request parameters for your merchant account need to be enabled by our support teams.

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