Installment with payment guarantee

Installment with payment guarantee

General information

Using the payment method installment with payment guarantee you receive the respective amount (less fees and discount) from your selected financial service provider even if the payment was not yet effected by the consumer in your online shop. The items purchased in the online shop are sent to the consumer. The relevant partial amounts are collected from the consumer’s account by means of direct debit on a monthly basis.

The payment method installment is only available for merchants and consumers resident in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Advantages for merchants

  • Quick and guaranteed payment since merchants receive the outstanding amounts irrespective of the consumers' due date for payment.

  • High conversion rate since installment is a very popular payment method in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Advantages for consumers

  • Consumers receive the purchased items before paying them.

  • The outstanding amount is split up into several parts for payment by the consumer at successive fixed times.


If your online shop is enabled for payment method installment your are required to use additional request parameters listed on the corresponding pages of the provider. These request parameters must have been set previously whenever you (or your consumer) set the payment method to INSTALLMENT or your consumer selects this payment method after QPAY Checkout Page is invoked with payment method SELECT.

If payment by installment has been accepted you will get as response the parameter paymentState with the value SUCCESS. At the same response the parameter gatewayReferenceNumber is returned. We recommend to store this reference number of the installment for tracking purposes.

Financial service providers

Installment with payment guerantee is provided by the following providers:

Order flow diagram

Since the order flow diagrams depend on the service providers, visit the corresponding pages for each service provider.

Required request parameter

For payment method installment the otherwise optional request parameters for consumer billing data are required for all providers. For further information on these parameters go to Consumer billing data.

Since the parameters also vary depending on the provider, visit the corresponding pages for each financial service provider.