Registering and setting up a Gateway account

Registering and setting up a Gateway account

In order to activate Sofort, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Registering

Please click here to complete your registration.

Step 2: Generating a project

Generate a project after the registration process is completed. Click the "New project" button, then choose "Gateway project" and click "Create project".


Step 3: Adding new project

Choose "QENTA Payment CEE (Payment Service Provider)" next to the "Shop system" field.


Step 4: Project settings

In "Setting for all payment methods", leave the field Success link free and check the Automatic redirection.


Step 5: Configuring the project

When you create the project, please specify the following values for the connection via QENTA Payment CEE. Please note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields and must be filled in.

  • Enable Sofort as preferred payment method.

  • Tick the "test mode" box if you wish to test your shop.


Step 6: Sending data to QENTA

To activate Sofort we need the following information:

  1. Customer number

  2. Project ID

  3. API key

  4. Configuration key for your shop system

Please forward these data to our support teams.


Important information for designing your web site

Sofort is one of the preferred payment methods for online buyers. However, there are still consumers, who do not know how Sofort works, which technical and legal protection is offered, and which benefits are associated with Sofort.

Consumer’s knowledge of Sofort is crucial for the acceptance and efficiency of this payment method. Therefore, it is important to inform your consumer clearly.

Most of the consumers learn about the offered payment method when the payment has to be executed. This step takes place on the checkout page. Therefore, it is important to draw the consumer’s full attention to this site.

Click here here to learn more about branding information regarding payment method Sofort.

Defining display options

When the consumer to your online shop selects the payment method Sofort, a pop-up will open by default to enter the relevant consumer’s payment details. Since many consumers have pop-up blockers enabled, the pop-up does not appear and consumers may not proceed with the payment process. In order to allow consumers to proceed with the checkout even if pop-up blockers are enabled, QENTA offers the option to open Sofort as a page.

Please contact our support teams to enable this feature.

Designing the payment selection page

Increase the acceptance and benefit from the advantages.

For example: Showing the banner of Sofort with the TÜV certificate on your selection page.

If you have no possibility to integrate the banner, you may use the following text to describe Sofort:

Sofort: Direct payment via online banking
When shopping online, select Sofort as the payment method. This automatically redirects you to the securely encrypted payment wizard of Sofort. Select your country, bank and login using your online banking login details. At the end, confirm the credit transfer by entering a confirmation code.

Designing your web site

When incorporating a Sofort logo into your web site you refer your customer to this payment method and benefit from the high trust your customers have placed in Sofort. The logo’s linking to the web site of Sofort ( or to an information site of your online shop is an optimal way to design your web site.

Sending newsletters to your customers

We suggest introducing the payment system Sofort if you send newsletter to your customers regularly. So you will increase the acceptance and efficiency of this payment system and you will also benefit from the offered advantages.