General Information

TatraPay is a Slovakian payment method used for online transactions and is available for all Tatra banka account holders using the Internet banking service. There is no need to activate any additional services.

Please visit Tatra banka for further information and details.

Process description

  • Consumers to the online shop insert the desired items into the basket and click the TatraPay payment symbol.

  • The TatraPay URL is directed from you to Tatra banka (Internet banking server). Please note that redirection to the Internet banking server via iframe is not possible.

  • Consumers log in the Internet banking server using their Tatra banka specific identification data (PID, password and authorization tool code).

  • Tatra banka offers consumers a pre-filled form to effect payment from the consumers' current account to your account.

  • Then, Tatra banka verifies the validity of the pre-filled entries:

    • Beneficiary´s account (your account)

    • Accounting date

    • Amount and currency

    • Consumers' reference or payment symbols (variable, specific and constant symbol)

  • Consumers may change accounts in case they maintain several current accounts with the bank. The specific account can be selected only from the list of consumers' accounts.

  • Consumers then confirm or cancel the payment.

  • Tatra banka displays information on the payment process result:

    • Payment was successful.

    • Payment was not processed.

    • Payment has been recorded. Consumers get a message to the Inbox in their Internet Banking.

    • Payment was canceled (in case the consumer canceled the payment).

  • Tatra banka now redirects the consumer to your web site with the return value.

Order flow diagram

For a visual representation of the order flow behavior and associated transaction-based operations of this payment method we invite you to have a look at the respective order flow diagram.

Optional request parameters

The optional request parameters customerStatement and orderReference are more restricted with regard to their length and allowed characters than are other general request parameters.

Parameter Data type Short description


ASCII with a variable length of up to 20 characters.

Text displayed on bank statement issued to your consumer by the financial service provider.


ASCII with a variable length of up to 64 characters.

Unique order reference ID sent from merchant to financial institution.