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Credit Card - Mail Order and Telephone Order

General information

This payment method is intended for consumers of your online shop who do not wish to disclose their credit card details via the web browser. This might be the case when for example the online shop is visited from a public computer e.g. in an internet café.

If this is the case, consumers have basically two options to order products or services from your online shop:

  1. Per mail: consumer forwards the order and the payment method details to you in written form (fax or letter).
  2. Per telephone: consumer calls your call center to place the order and also communicates the payment method details by telephone.

Handling Mail Orders and Telephone Orders

There are three possibilities to handle credit card transactions based on mail and telephone orders:

  • Integration of this payment method into your online shop and only accessible for your customer care team.
  • Wirecard Checkout Terminal
  • Wirecard Checkout Automated

Please note that all these solutions are used in your backoffice only and that your staff must have received a special security training for handling sensitive consumer and payment data.

Integration into your online shop

After corresponding programming and integration directly into your online shop, without any need for additional interfaces or solutions, consumers to your online shop may call your service center and place orders by telling your service center staff the credit card details by phone or by sending in a fax. Thus this payment method is only available to your service center staff and is not accessible by consumers who visit your online shop.

This payment method must only be used in your backoffice. Consumers must never disclose their 3-D Secure code to the service center staff when placing mail order telephone orders. Therefore, this payment method must never be offered to the consumers in your online shop because this would circumvent 3-D Secure processing. Also, issuers forcing card holders to use “3-D Secure only” may decline such transactions.

Please be aware that your merchant configuration has to be changed by our support teams on your behalf in order to use this payment method. Apart from having this payment method enabled by our support teams, you need to conclude acceptance contracts with your acquirers who might require you to meet additional and special conditions to fulfill PCI security standards.

As a further advantage and if your online shop is connected to an ERP system, the service center staff may verify whether the products which are ordered via phone or fax are available while at the same time checking the validity of the consumer's credit card data and online shop account details.

Please refer to transaction-based operations by payment method and non-transaction-based operations by payment method for further information and details on back-end operations in Wirecard Checkout Page and Wirecard Checkout Seamless.

Wirecard Checkout Terminal

Wirecard Checkout Terminal is optimally suited for your needs if consumers to your online shop prefer telephone orders. Payment details of your consumers are entered in the web-based, password protected Wirecard Checkout Terminal interface and are processed automatically and immediately during the telephone order process. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain an immediate confirmation that the payment has been processed while the consumer is still on the phone, i.e. any incorrect information or typing mistakes can be rectified at once.

Wirecard Checkout Automated

Wirecard Checkout Automated is best suited for your needs if you have to handle a lot of mail orders. Wirecard Checkout Automated is intended for non real-time critical applications such as catalog orders, recurring payments and subscriptions. The payment details of your consumers are prepared in tabular format, uploaded and automatically processed.

Additional request parameters

When using the payment method Credit Card - Mail Order and Telephone Order and the payment facilitator model some additional request parameters are required.

For further information and details go to payment facilitator model.

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