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Deprecated payment methods

The following table contains all payment methods that have become outdated and are no longer supported by Wirecard:

Payment method Value of parameter paymentType Outdated since
My Voucher VOUCHER 2018-06-26
eKonto EKONTO 2018-06-26
@Quick QUICK 2017-07-31
Switch/Solo WCP 2016-11-11
Skrill Direct SKRILLDIRECT 2016-10-17
mpass MPASS 2016-09-30
CLICK2PAY C2P 2014-07-01
Direct debit system for various acquirers (BTV, RVS) ELV 2014-02-01
bill-it-easy BIE 2011
KSG Cardware Server CWS 2011
M-Commerce Interface Austria MIA 2010
CitiCorp, Euroconex, Elavon IPS 2007
Secure Electronic Transaction (TM) SET 2004

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