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General information is a widely used payment method in Bulgaria. The portfolio includes ePay debit cards, e-wallets which are used for payments to micro accounts as well as telephone banking services and cash solutions via Easy Pay banks.

Please visit for further information and details.

Information for merchants

You may choose from several options to accept payments through Also, you must be included on the list of merchants.

Wirecard supports as e-wallet solution offered by you in your online shops.

Consumers in your online shop who use as a payment method will receive an information on the status of the transaction. In order to receive this notification, the corresponding notification URL must be set. For further information go to Configuring the merchant account.

Please note that only accepts Bulgarian Lev (BGN) for any transactions.

Information for consumers

Consumers who wish to use the services need to register for a® bank card or micro account. To register a bank card for payments via, a once-only card confirmation at an ATM or a bank statement from the card account is required. To effect payments using a micro account it is necessary to first deposit funds on the account.

Configuring the merchant account

To integrate and offer the payment method for your consumers in your online shop the requirements described in Configuring the merchant account must be fulfilled.

Order flow diagram

For a visual representation of the order flow behavior and associated transaction-based operations of this payment method we invite you to have a look at the respective order flow diagram.

Optional request parameters

The optional request parameters customerStatement and orderReference are more restricted with regard to their length and allowed characters than are other general request parameters.

Parameter Data type Short description
customerStatement ASCII with a variable length of up to 100 characters. Text displayed on bank statement issued to your consumer by the financial service provider.
orderReference ASCII with a variable length of up to 64 characters. Unique order reference ID sent from merchant to financial institution.

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