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My Voucher

General information

The payment method “My Voucher” refers to a certificate or coupon indicating a credit against future purchases or expenditures, thus “My Voucher” is of a certain monetary value. Vouchers are quite common in businesses such as ticketing and events, food and beverages, and tourism. Digital vouchers, electronically stored value vouchers, are becoming increasingly important as a convenient and flexible payment method in e-commerce business.

A technical solution to use vouchers as a payment method in online shops is currently implemented by Wirecard for ValueMaster, a product offered by Brain Behind Ltd.

ValueMaster offers a broad range of out-of-the-box solutions e.g. for loyalty schemes, digital vouchers, mobile marketing or micro-payments, whereby vouchers are becoming more and more attractive especially for tourist facilities and destinations since vouchers (e.g. digital guest cards) allow tourists to consume anywhere, visit museums or use public transport without instant payment.

Advantages for merchants

  • Attractive, modern and convenient payment method adding special value for consumers.
  • Good opportunity for merchants to market their brand.
  • Synchronous payment method with payment guarantee for merchants.
  • Vouchers can be charged by merchant.

Advantages for consumers

  • Convenient and flexible payment method.
  • No need to disclose any personal information or share any sensitive bank account or credit card details.
  • Vouchers can be used exclusively or transferably and can be charged by consumer.

Integration information

The payment method “My Voucher” is available for Wirecard Checkout Page and Wirecard Checkout Seamless with your online shop acting as a virtual terminal to redeem vouchers. The consumer chooses this payment method and then enters the voucher code into an input field at the beginning of the payment process.

After the consumer has entered the voucher code, Wirecard queries relevant information from ValueMaster to check if there are sufficient funds on the voucher. If there are sufficient funds, the relevant purchase amount is deducted from the available funds and you are informed about the successful transaction. In case the available funds are insufficient for the intended purchase, an error message appears and the transaction is not carried out successfully.

In a separate process, you will claim money for successful transactions and redeemed vouchers from the relevant acquirer who issued the voucher, this might for instance be a local tourist board issuing vouchers (e.g. guest cards) via ValueMaster.

At the moment Wirecard does not support the use of this payment method in combination with any other payment method for one and the same transaction, i.e. the entire purchase must be made using a voucher. Also, only EUR may be used as currency for My Voucher transactions. Please note that loyalty schemes are not supported.

Should you need to refund the purchase price because e.g. the purchased items were returned by the consumer, you may either obtain the account data from the consumer and transfer back the amount or use ValueMaster's web interface to charge the respective amount back to the voucher. For this last-mentioned option, you must use the respective voucher code for reloading the voucher.

Please remember that at the present time only one voucher brand may be configured for each merchant.

My Voucher for Wirecard Checkout Page

In Wirecard Checkout Page you benefit from two customization possibilities: using the parameter paymentType with the value SELECT you may define the denomination of both the voucher and the voucher code entry field according to your needs and business requirements.

It is also possible to use any supported language for these two configuration options. In German, “Gutschein” and “Gutscheincode” for the code entry field are used by default; in English and other languages the corresponding denominations are “My Voucher” and “Voucher Id”. Please contact our support teams to set the desired values for you.

Within Wirecard Checkout Seamless you are able to freely design the user interface and the labelling of the corresponding input fields.

Voucher transactions in Wirecard Payment Center

All My Voucher based payments are registered and visible in the Wirecard Payment Center. To search for a certain My Voucher transaction, a filter has to be set. The value for “Acquirer” may be freely configured, the default value is ValueMaster. In addition, the name of the brand may also be configured according to your requirements, the current default value is “Voucher”.

Order flow diagram

For a visual presentation of the respective transaction-based (back-end) operations and order flow behavior characterizing the payment method My Voucher have a look at the respective order flow diagram.

My Voucher in back-end operations

Additional response parameters

When using this payment method in your online shop, Wirecard will return additional parameters to your online shop.

Parameter State Data type Short description
voucherId Success Alphanumeric with special characters and a variable length of up to 255 characters. Unique voucher identification code available on consumer´s voucher.


What happens if the consumer enters an unvalid code?

The consumer receives the following error message: “Voucher Id is invalid.”

What happens if the consumer does not enter a code?

The consumer receives the following error message: “Voucher Id is missing.”

What happens if the consumer enters a code which is used for loyalty schemes only?

The consumer receives the following error message: “The voucher is not applicable for this operation.”

What happens if the balance on the voucher is insufficient to perform the purchase?

The consumer receives the following error message: “Insufficient voucher balance”.

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