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Integration of Specific Payment Methods

We support many payment methods you are able to use in your online shop. Some of these payment methods require specific integration steps or an additional external registration or setup process on the web site of the corresponding financial service provider.

Please have a look at the details and requirements regarding all payment methods which you may use in online shops:



Alternative payments

Direct debit

Mobile payments

Collecting and processing models

Wirecard offers two models when it comes to concluding contracts with financial service providers for the payment methods you offer in your online shop: collecting model and processing model. For more information and an overview of all payment methods and the relevant model(s) they support go to collecting and processing models.

Regions and countries

The following table shows a summary of the payment methods we offer as well as the countries and regions in which these payment methods are available.

Regions and countries Payment methods
Credit card (supported brands: American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB, Maestro SecureCode, Mastercard, Switch, UATP, Visa), Masterpass
Skrill Digital Wallet
Germany giropay
Invoice by Wirecard
Invoice: payolution
Invoice: RatePAY
Installment: payolution
Installment: RatePAY
Austria eps-Überweisung
Invoice by Wirecard
Invoice: payolution
Installment: payolution
Switzerland Invoice by Wirecard
Invoice: payolution
Installment: payolution
SEPA scheme countries 1)
SEPA Direct Debit
Belgium Bancontact
Netherlands iDEAL
Central Europe
Czech Republic TrustPay
Poland Przelewy24
Slovak Republic TatraPay
Northern Europe
Finland Trustly
Sweden Trustly
Southern Europe
Italy Sofort.
Spain Sofort.
Eastern Europe
Estonia Trustly
Australia and New Zealand
Regions and countries Payment methods

Logos, wording, parameter values and templates

Wirecard offers you to download logos for payment methods free of charge to optimize your online shop.

For consistency purposes we also invite you to have a look at the correct wording in English and German and parameter value of each payment method.

We also provide description templates for payment methods you may offer in your online shop.

Deprecated payment methods

In the course of time, some payment methods have become outdated and are no longer supported by Wirecard. You can find them at Deprecated payment methods.

1) The following countries participate in the Single Euro Payments Area: 28 EU-countries, four member states of the European Free Trade Association, as well as Monaco and San Marino.

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