Information on the protection of personal data for QFILE Checkout Automated

Information on the protection of personal data for QFILE Checkout Automated


This chapter provides information on all data that are processed by our solution QFILE Checkout Automated (WCA).

QFILE Checkout Automated data processing volume increases with the services contracted. When ordering QFILE Checkout Automated, you may acquire

  • 1 basic solution, optionally extendable with

  • 1 to N payment methods, and/or

  • 0 to N optional and additional features

Go to section “Data entered by the merchant” for an overview on the processing of data (parameters) for a given payment transaction and the selected payment method. Furthermore, section Additional features provides additional information on the processing of data (parameters) for each feature that was added to the basic solution.

Additionally, the general functioning of the product WCA - both in its basic version and when using different payment methods - is also described in detail here: Using WCA

Data entered by the merchant

All indicated parameters need to be processed to ensure that the solution QFILE Checkout Automated, basic version, meets our contractual obligations to the merchant (purpose of the processing of data):

The displayed parameters are subdivided into

  • parameters processed irrespectively of the payment method (standard)

  • parameters processed dependent on the respective payment method (payment method)

Downloading Status of a payment

After uploading the payment details of your customers, the file is processed. Once processing of the file is completed, the transactions can be downloaded as tab-delimited text file which you may convert back into an xls-file. Thus, no additional processing of personal data takes place when downloading the payment response data.

For more information:

Additional features

This chapter provides information on the data processed for each feature that has been added to the basic QFILE Checkout Automated solution.