Process Overview in General

Process Overview in General

When using QPAY Checkout Page or QMORE Checkout Seamless, checkout process refers to the entire procedure a consumer in an online shop has to go through to purchase a product or service, whereas payment process refers to certain process steps within the checkout process which usually cover the selection of a payment method, entry of payment data, commitment of a payment and receipt of information regarding the payment result.

Checkout process in general

The following flow chart outlines the most important steps of a checkout process in an online shop including the embedded payment process as described in step 3:


  1. First, consumers open their shopping basket which contains the previously selected items.

  2. Then they enter their personal data and the shipping address into the provided input fields of a form.

  3. Next, consumers select one of the available payment methods, enter the required payment method specific data, confirm and commit the payment.

  4. Then consumers receive information on the result of the payment (see payment process details below). After returning to the online shop, consumers proceed with browsing or shopping additional items in the shop.

Payment process as seen by the consumer

From the consumer’s point of view, the payment process involves the following steps:


  1. First, consumers select one of the available payment methods offered in the online shop.

  2. Then they enter the payment method specific payment data or identification data such as credit card number, expiration date, username, password, etc.

  3. Afterwards consumers commit the payment by clicking a relevant button.

  4. In the end, consumers receive relevant information on the result of the payment.