General information regarding QENTA Shop Plugins

General information regarding QENTA Shop Plugins

Product description

For the most common shop systems we can offer you plugins free-of-charge, which enable the integration of our QENTA Checkout solutions into your online shop in an easy and simple manner.

Typically, after installation of your online shop on your web server, you only need to download the plugin, install it in your shop system, configure it to your needs and then you are able to use it.

Our shop plugins are constantly updated and improved to be compatible with the current version of the shop systems and to offer you all available payment methods within our QENTA Checkout solutions.

If you have any questions regarding our plugins please contact our support teams.

Please contact us also if you need a plugin for a shop system which is currently not supported by QENTA. We are constantly improving our existing plugins and developing new plugins, so maybe a plugin for your shop system will be released in near future!

Integrated product(s)

In the description of each plugin you can find the information related to the integrated product.

Some plugins are using QPAY Checkout Page, while others are using QMORE Checkout Seamless. Some plugins even offer you the possibility to choose among these two.

You can find detailed information regarding these products in this documentation at QENTA Payment CEE Integration Documentation.

Supported payment methods

In the description of each plugin there is a list of all supported payment methods for the corresponding plugin.

Please be aware that some payment methods need additional parameters and actions to be done before you can use them within the plugin and that certain plugins may not support all available payment methods.

Please contact our support teams if you have additional requirements which seem not to be fulfilled by our plugins or if you need a plugin for a shop system which is currently not supported by QENTA.

Additional information

The plugins offered by QENTA Payment CEE are the technical connection between your shop system and our QENTA Checkout solutions.

Depending on the type of shop system the specific plugin uses either the integration of the "QPAY Checkout Page" or the "QMORE Checkout Seamless" product. So if you need detailed information about the integrated product, please have a look at the corresponding documentation.

Terms of use

The plugins offered are provided free of charge by QENTA Payment CEE and are explicitly not part of the QENTA Payment CEE range of products and services.

They have been tested and approved for full functionality in the standard configuration (status on delivery) of the corresponding shop system. They are under General Public License Version 2 (GPLv2) and can be used, developed and passed on to third parties under the same terms.

However, QENTA Payment CEE does not provide any guarantee or accept any liability for any errors occurring when used in an enhanced, customized shop system configuration.

Operation in an enhanced, customized configuration is at your own risk and requires a comprehensive test phase by the user of the plugin.

Customers use the plugins at their own risk. QENTA Payment CEE does not guarantee their full functionality neither does QENTA Payment CEE assume liability for any disadvantages related to the use of the plugins. Additionally, QENTA Payment CEE does not guarantee the full functionality for customized shop systems or installed plugins of other vendors of plugins within the same shop system.

Customers are responsible for testing the plugin’s functionality before starting productive operation.

By installing the plugin into the shop system the customer agrees to these terms of use. Please do not use the plugin if you do not agree to these terms of use!

Uninstalling the plugin may result in the loss of data.

Legal notice

QENTA Payment CEE will only be made liable for specifications and functions as described within this documentation.

No warranty whatsoever can be granted on any alterations and/or new implementations as well as resulting diverging usage not supported or described within this documentation.