QENTA Shop Plugin for PrestaShop

QENTA Shop Plugin for PrestaShop

Installation guide for QPAY Checkout Page

This installation guide shows the step-by-step installation of the plugin to your installed shop system on your web server. Please test your online shop and the configuration of the plugin on a test system before installing the plugin on your production system.

Step 1

Upload the .zip package to your PrestaShop (Modules → Modules → Add a new module)

Step 2

Install the module by clicking “Install”.

Step 3

Go to Plugin configuration and change the settings of the plugin ("Modules" → "Modules" → "Payments and Gateways" → "QENTA Checkout Page" → "Configure").


Step 4

Change the settings according to your requirements.

For a detailed description of all values and their meaning see Request Parameters.

If you set the minimum and maximum amount for invoice and installment these payment methods will only be shown to your consumer in your online shop if the order is between these limits.

Select orderNumber or gatewayReferenceNumber to be displayed as Transaction ID in the order summary of the shop´s backend.



How do I change the payment method images on the payment method selection page?

Replace the corresponding images located in: prestashop/modules/qentaceecheckoutpage/views/img/payment_types.

How do I change the shop currency?

In order to use a new currency, you have to perform two steps:

  1. Define currency: On your PrestaShop admin site, go to Localization -→ Currencies.

  2. Activate currency: On your PrestaShop admin site, go to Modules and Services -→ Payment -→ Currency Restrictions.
    Enable the checkbox for QENTA Checkout Page.

Is there any assistence for debugging?

For debugging purposes, you might search the log files on your PrestaShop admin site -→ Advanced Parameters -→ Logs.