Integration into Shop Systems

Integration into Shop Systems

There are several shop systems allowing consumers to directly buy goods or services over the Internet. QPAY Checkout Page and QMORE Checkout Seamless can be integrated into shop systems. For some shop systems we offer plugins which are maintained by QENTA Payment CEE. Some shop systems already have their own integration. Also there are market places you may use which already have our solutions integrated.

Integration via plugins

Our solutions can be integrated by downloading, installing and configuring a plugin, which is a software component tailored for the specific shop system, adding QPAY Checkout Page and QMORE Checkout Seamless . We offer free of charge shop plugins for a great number of shop systems.

Please have a look at General information regarding the use of the plugins within your shop system. For the relevant security issues, please visit Securing your online shop. You can also visit our Github page to have a look at our plugins and other products.

The following shop systems are supported by QPAY Checkout Page and QMORE Checkout Seamless:

Shop System QPAY Checkout Page QMORE Checkout Seamless

Magento 2

QPAY Plugin

QMORE Plugin

Virtuemart 3

QPAY Plugin

WooCommerce (WordPress)

QPAY Plugin

QMORE Plugin

QENTA Payment CEE is working on several plugins to support your shop system such as Shopware, Prestashop, Magento 1, Openmage, Gambio, etc.

You can use the plugins in demo and test mode for checking your integration using the demo mode and test mode for QPAY Checkout Page and the demo mode and test mode for QMORE Checkout Seamless .

For detailed technical information you can use the description of the request and response parameters used for communication between your shop (and shop plugin) and QENTA Checkout:

Please be aware that there are many web sites offering various shop plugins including QENTA Payment CEE as payment service provider. This is based on the idea of an open QENTA Checkout interface which can be integrated and used by everyone. However, if you want to use a shop plugin developed and maintained by QENTA Payment CEE, please only use one of the plugins listed on this page.

Third-party developments

Since the interface for QPAY Checkout Page and QMORE Checkout Seamless is openly documented, third-party developers also provide integration possibilities.

Please be aware that QENTA Payment CEE cannot offer any support regarding these third-party developments.

Shop systems with pre-integration

In the following shop systems our solutions are already integrated. These integrations are maintained by our respective partners.

Please be aware that QENTA Payment CEE cannot offer any support regarding the integration done out by our partners. For any further questions please contact our support teams.