Wirecard Integration for Shopify

Wirecard Integration for Shopify

Shopify is a cloud based online shop which enables an easy setup of an online shop.

Wirecard Checkout Page is available as an alternative payment method for Shopify.

Supported payment methods

Wirecard Checkout Page will provide your consumer with a list available payment methods specifically configured for your shop. All payment methods except for those requiring the shopping basket data are possible.


To make Wirecard Checkout Page available as payment method it needs to be authorized by following this link:

After the web site has opened, you need to provide your credentials. If the field for your store address is not displayed, log in with "Email address" and "Password" only. Otherwise provide the store address of the online shop to which you want to add Wirecard Checkout Page.


After logging in to Shopify you can add Wirecard Checkout Page as payment gateway.


Wirecard Checkout Page should now be available in the list at "Settings" → "Payments" → "Alternative payments". When selecting "Wirecard Checkout Page" the configuration box opens automatically.



To configure Shopify for demo or test mode, use the following credentials for "Customer ID - Shop ID":

  • demo mode: D200001-shopify
    Password: PRfO96kv2TWwB9FQgwl0

  • test mode: D200411-shopify
    Password: cGWWwfRcI5KdYnOoSO6O

Do not check the checkbox „Use test mode“ since this test mode is not available. Use the provided credentials instead.


To configure Shopify for live mode, use the credentials provided by our support teams and enable the cards you want to be displayed in your online shop.



Since Shopify does not provide any configuration possibilities, contact our support teams to change the following configuration.

For further customization options please refer to Customization.

Pending payments

Shopify does not support changing the payment status to any other status than paid if the status is pending. Thus, if the status is shown as pending, check the timeline for
Unable to process a payment for ... on Wirecard Checkout Page.
If this message is the latest displayed information, the payment has failed and the order can be canceled.


Wirecard payment details

The response parameters from Wirecard Checkout Page are listed at the order details when opening the tab "A …​ payment was processed on Wirecard Checkout Page." under "Information from the gateway". The parameters are all lowercase and an "X" is added as prefix. Please refer to the response parameters for an explanation of the parameters.

The gatewayReferenceNumber is displayed as "Authorization key". For failed, pending and canceled payments this is a random number.