Wirecard Shop Plugin for SAP Event Ticketing

Wirecard Shop Plugin for SAP Event Ticketing

This installation guide will show you the step-by-step installation of the plugin to your installed SAP Event Ticketing system on your web server. Please test your online shop and the configuration of the plugin on a test system before you install the plugin on your production system.

If you want to update your installation, please refer to the update section.


In order to integrate the Wirecard payment provider into your project make sure you have accomplished the following tasks:

  • You have access to and finished the setup of your Wirecard account. For more information contact your Wirecard partner manager, sales representative or our support teams.

  • Your Wirecard account has been setup, and you have received your customer ID and pre-shared key (aka secret).


  1. Import the plugin zip archive in the Extension Manager of your SAP Event Ticketing installation.

  2. Navigate to "Master Data" → "Company" → "Payment Configuration".

  3. Select "Electronic Payment Method" and add and configure the payment gateways.

  4. Select "Additional Means of Payment" and add and configure the payment methods.

Installation guide

Step 1: Installing the extension bundle

The SAP Event Ticketing payment extension bundle is delivered as single zip file. This file can be used to install the extension in the Extension Manager. Please click on the import icon at the top of the search area for installed extensions.

In the upload window please select the plugin file you downloaded and click on "Import".

The upload process is shown as progress bar. If the progress bar reaches 100% the upload process was successful. Otherwise please download the error report and contact our support teams.

The upload window can now be closed. After refreshing your browser window containing the Extension Manager the extension should be visible in the list on the right-hand side.

Step 2: Add and configure gateways

After uploading the extension bundle using the Extension Manager, a payment gateway has to be created for each payment method by setting up the appropriate service. Please navigate to "Master Data" → "Company" → "Payment Configuration" → "Electronic Payment Method" and select the payment method you want to add from the drop down menu at "Method/System".


To add this gateway please click "Configure New Gateway" and fill out the presented fields. The fields marked with a * are mandatory. For more flexibility each gateway can be configured separately.


Customer ID The customer Id assigned to you by Wirecard.


The secret assigned to you by Wirecard.

Back-end operations password

Password for back-end operations.

Shop ID

Unique ID of your online shop.

Service URL

URL of your service page containing contact information.

Viewed payment data

Changes the information shown to a consumer during the payment process.
Comma-separated values. Possible values: amount, currency, orderDescription, orderReference, paymentType, customerId, language.

Checkout method for shops

Allows to change the standard iframe checkout to alternatives. For detailed description see below.

Shop hosts

For online shops integrated in a reverse proxy system. Description see below.

Financial institution

For information about possible values please visit request parameter description.
Comma-separated values.


Compliance standard of your server. Possible values are A or A-EP.
For further information please visit PCI DSS SAQ A compliance.

Additional input fields

Input fields for iframe if PCI DSS SAQ A is selected.
Possible values are cardverifycode (CVC field) and cardholdername.


If PCI DSS SAQ A is selected, this URL can be used for CSS styling.

Please be aware that in the field "Financial institution" you may only use those brands that are defined in your merchant configuration.
Checkout method for shops

Pages from financial service providers can be shown in an iframe or as a page redirect.

For usage within the back-end of SAP Event Ticketing ("Sales"-area), redirect is not supported.
For usage in the online shop, popup is not supported.

The default settings is iframe except for the following payment methods for which the default checkout method in online shops is redirect because they do not support iframe:

  • eps-Überweisung

  • PayPal

  • iDEAL

  • Przelewy24

  • Trustly

  • Sofort.

Shop hosts

'Shop Hosts' is only necessary for online shops that are integrated in a reverse proxy system. The parameter enables the use of "redirect" checkout methods in such systems. The iframe checkout method does not support reverse proxy systems! The value must contain the shop ID and the shop host URL (including directories, when differing from the standard /online directory), separated by a colon. URLs containing port information are not supported.

Valid example: 132:ticket.example.org/de/shop

For more than one shop, separate the entries by using a comma.

Valid example: 132:ticket.example.com/de/shop , 79:www.example2.com

Step 3: Add and configure payment methods

After creating the gateways you can add the payment methods you want to offer to your consumers. Please navigate to "Master Data" → "Company" → "Payment Configuration" → "Additional Means of Payment" and click "New".


Please fill out the fields.


Name A name according to your liking for the payment method.

Payment Method

Credit Card or Direct Debit.


The corresponding gateway you created in the previous step.

Payout Payment Method

If you want the payment method to be used for reversals, select this checkbox.

Booking Result


Each payment method you want to be able do cancellation with needs to be added twice, once for offering the payment method to your consumers and once with "Payout Payment Method" enabled.

Click "Save" if you have filled out everything correctly, or "Cancel" to abort the process. After saving you should see the payment method in the list of all payment methods on the right-hand side.

To remove a payment method from the list, select the "Do Not Use Additional Means of Payment" checkbox and save. After that, the payment method should not appear in the list anymore.

Update guide

If an update is available you should use the "Change" button to upload the new ZIP file as shown in the following screenshot. The subsequent steps are identical to a normal installation process.


In SAP Event Ticketing a refund is made by cancelling the order. When cancelling, make sure that the correct "Cancel Payment Method" is selected, otherwise the refund is not processed.