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Wirecard Shop Plugin for VirtueMart 3

Installation guide for Wirecard Checkout Page

This installation guide describes the installation of the plug into your already installed shop system on your web server. Please test your online shop and the configuration of the plugin on a test system before installing the plugin on your production system.

Step 1

Please upload the zip file containing the Wirecard Checkout Page plugin, using the Joomla! extension manager, or install it from the local file system of your web server.

Step 2

After installation activate the plugin. Select “Manage” on the left, search for the plugin and click on the status image.

Step 3

In the next step you need to add the new payment method to VirtueMart. Select in the menu “VirtueMart” → “Payment Methods” and click on “Wirecard Checkout Page”.

Step 4

After pressing the save button, configure the payment method. All required fields are marked with a “*”.

After the installation is finished the field “birthday” may be missing in “Shopper Fields”. This field is mandatory for the payment methods Invoice and Installment. If it is missing, go to “VirtueMart” → “Configuration”, select the “Shopper Fields” on the left and add this field.

To remove the “Main Menu” and the “Login Form” boxes on the front-end of your online shop, navigate to “Extensions” → “Modules” and disable the two extensions.


Why is the option “Keep orders despite of failed payment” missing since I updated my VirtueMart installation?

This option is not available for VirtueMart version >= 3.0.10 due to the new ACL system.

I enabled Invoice or Installment as payment method in the administration panel. Why is none of these two shown on my shop frontend page?

Invoice and installment are only visible if the criteria defined in your contract concluded with the financial institution (e.g. payolution) are met. For more information please check the payment method specific documentation for your invoice/installment provider payolution: Invoice and Installment.

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