QPAY Checkout Page

QPAY Checkout Page

QPAY Checkout Page is a flexible payment page for the online shop. It allows the consumers to select their preferred payment method and affect their payments in real time while respecting all security standards.

For PHP we provide an example code on GitHub.

Process Overview in General

  1. The consumer opens a shopping card that contains the previously selected items.

  2. Enters personal data and the shipping address into the provided input fields of a form.

  3. Selects one of the available payment methods enters the required payment method-specific data and commits the payment.

  4. Receives relevant information on the result of the payment and returns to the online shop to proceed.

Process Overview for QPAY

The payment process includes three parts:

  • Consumer

  • Online shop

  • QPAY Checkout Page

  1. The online shop displays a list of available payment methods which are enabled for the online shop.

  2. Then the consumer selects one of these payment methods.

    Alternatively (to points 1 and 2), the payment method SELECT can be displayed in the online store, in which case the payment method is selected directly on the checkout page.
  3. The online shop redirects the consumer to QPAY Checkout Page hosted on the QENTA Checkout Server.

  4. QPAY Checkout Page displays an input form for entering payment data such as credit card number, expiration date, etc. to the consumer, and/or redirects the consumer to the financial service provider.

  5. The consumer enters the required sensitive payment data into an input form and commits the payment by clicking a relevant button.

  6. QPAY Checkout Page processes the payment and interacts directly with the consumer and the financial service provider.

  7. QPAY Checkout Page informs the online shop about the result of the payment.

  8. Then the online shop stores the result of the payment and triggers a manual or automated shipping process to send the purchased items to the consumer.

  9. The online shop verifies the received payment result and displays to the consumer an appropriate page containing information on the result of the payment process.

  10. After returning to the online shop the consumer proceeds with browsing or shopping for additional items in the shop.


Backend operations for QPAY Checkout Page are subdivided into two categories:

Transaction-based operations depend on existing orders and non-transaction-based operations don’t.

Backend operations are an optional feature and to enable it, contact our sales team.


During test mode, there is communication between the online shop and a test area provided by the relevant financial service provider. The payment process is only simulated and no money is transferred.