Information on the Protection of Personal Data

Information on the Protection of Personal Data

This chapter intends to provide all relevant information regarding the processing of personal data by QENTA Payment CEE solutions.

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QENTA Solutions and Data Processing

During payment processing and depending on the relevant solution, merchants, final consumers, etc. send certain data (input data) to QENTA Payment CEE while QENTA returns other specific data (output data) to them.

Input Data

QENTA Payment CEE receives data from three different sources:

  • Data, which are entered when payment is triggered (depending on the relevant solution) e.g. the final consumer enters data in the payment window

  • Data, which the merchant sends to the QENTA payment interface (request parameter)

  • Plugin-specific data of the online shop

Output Data

QENTA Payment CEE processes the payment transactions and returns the following data:

  • Data are sent to the merchant to e.g. inform about the result of the payment transaction (response parameter)

  • Feature-specific data

Data Protection Information Regarding Individual Solutions

The following chapters give detailed information on the input and output data that are processed by our solutions (including payment methods and additional features). All indicated parameters need to be processed in order to meet our contractual obligations to the merchant (purpose of the processing of data):

Data Protection Information Regarding Individual Parameters

In order to fulfill the subject matter of the contract and to process a payment transaction, the merchant or final consumers needs to forward a variety of data (parameters) to the QENTA payment interface (so-called input data). In return, QENTA needs to send back these data (so called output data).

For all parameters that relate to personal data and are involved in payment processing, the following chapters provide information on the nature of such personal data, data subjects, data categories and purpose of data processing: