Payolution (part of Unzer) offers invoice payments for the Austrian, German, and Swiss online market. The currency used has to be EUR.

Your consumer must be older than 18 years of age, billing address and the delivery address must be the same and the order amount must not be below or exceed the limits as contractually agreed with payolution. The delivery country must be accepted by payolution. Gift vouchers must be excluded and may not be purchased via invoice or installment.

The title of this payment method to be displayed in the shop may be freely chosen during shop plugin configuration. Since payolution is a white label product it’s recommended to choose a neutral title such as "invoice".

Test data for QMORE Checkout Seamless and QPAY Checkout Page.

Payolution will communicate the required live data to merchants only after the final tests of your integration were successfully completed and the entire installation was found adequate.


Required request parameters from consumer billing data table are: consumerBillingFirstname, consumerBillingLastname, consumerBillingAddress1, consumerBillingAddress2, consumerBillingCity, consumerBillingCountry, consumerBillingZipCode, consumerEmail and consumerBirthDate.

Payolution recommends to send consumer shipping data in addition.

Optional request parameter customerStatement and orderReference are more restricted with regard to their length and allowed characters than usual.

For Invoice

Table 1. Parameter For B2B Consumers
Parameter Data type Descritpion


Alphanumeric, of 1 to 100.

Name of company.

If you use the parameter companyName the parameter consumerBirthDate is not required anymore.
Table 2. Optional Request Parameters
Parameter Data type Description


Alphanumeric, of 0 to 50.

VAT ID of company.


Alphanumeric, of 0 to 50.

Trade registration number of company.


Alphanumeric, of 0 to 50.

Additional or alternative register key of company.

Table 3. Additional Response Parameters
Parameter State Data type Descritpion



Alphanumeric with special characters, up to 255.

Technical reference number of the payment processing at QENTA.



Alphanumeric with special characters, up to 255.

Reference number of the invoice.

For further information about backend operation refer to the backend.

Split capture is possible only for invoices and it must be enabled by payolution and by our integration specialists.

Order Flow Diagram


To interpret this diagram, the successful completion of a NEW PAYMENT is assumed. Starting from this operation it’s possible to carry out different transaction-based operations.

For the explanation of the different status descriptions included in this diagram have a look at getOrderDetails.
You can find all possible states of transactions for all specific acquirers here.