Credit Card-Mail Order and Telephone Order

Credit Card-Mail Order and Telephone Order

Mail Order and Telephone Order which is also known as CCARD-MOTO, standing for credit card payments based on a Mail Order or Telephone Order, is intended for back office transactions and is suited for any system that’s capable of storing orders, such as ERP systems and call center applications.

When using this payment method, consumers have two options to order services or items:

  • Per mail, fax or letter: Consumer forwards the order and the payment method details to the merchant in written form.

  • Per telephone: Consumer calls e.g. the service center to place the order and communicates the payment method details by telephone.

When the service center staff has access to an ERP system, they may verify whether the products which are ordered via phone or fax are available while at the same time checking the validity of the consumer’s credit card data.

The merchant configuration has to be changed by our integration specialists on merchant’s behalf, and acquirers might require to meet additional and special conditions to fulfill PCI security standards in their acceptance contracts.

Any sensible credit card details must only be accessible for entitled persons such as the service center staff which in turn must have received a special security training for handling such sensitive consumer and payment data. Consumers must never disclose their 3-D Secure code to the service center staff when placing mail or telephone orders.

The entry of the CVC might be optional depending on tge acquirer and the concluded acceptance contract.

QENTA Solutions

QENTA offers three solutions to handle credit card transaction based on mail and telephone orders:

Backoffice Integration

After integration into the online shop consumers may call the service center and place orders by telling their credit card details. Ensure that this payment method is only available to the service center staff and is not accessible to consumers.

Any backend operations such as refund or recurring transactions are carried out in the usual manner described.

Here are parameters for Mail Order and Telephone Order.