QMORE Customization for SAQ-A credit card and SEPA iframe.

QENTA ensures the possibility to customize the iframe input fields according to the needs by using the parameter iframeCssUrl.

To ensure that all elements within the checkout seamless are hosted by QENTA systems and in order to provide for SAQ A compliance, this CSS file is received via the given URL in the request parameter cssUrl from the server to the QENTA server. After successful validation, the CSS file is subsequently loaded during each Data Storage init, parsed and delivered as an inline CSS file within the iframe.

Our system uses a URL-based caching mechanism for this iframeCssUrl. To disable this mechanism, append the current timestamp as GET parameter, e.g.

Due to security reasons, neither url() functions nor @import directives (e.g. external fonts) are allowed in the CSS file, and if they’re used they will be ignored. Never send any font changes within the CSS file, because security checks may last several minutes and lead to payment cancellation.