Google Pay™

Google Pay™

The Google Pay API enables fast, simple checkout on the website, and gives the merchant convenient access to hundreds of millions of cards saved to Google Accounts worldwide.


Before Google Pay API implementation is production-ready, register with Google, accept the Terms of Service, and receive a Google merchant ID after the website passes a Google review.

Before applying for production access check the following:

  • A Google Account

  • A supported payments gateway or a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant server environment that’s suitable to store decrypted payment information

  • A list of fully qualified domains, which includes subdomains, from which the merchant intend to call the Google Pay API

After the website is approved, the merchant will receive a Google merchant ID that must be included with each Google Pay API request.

Once merchant ID is generated it should be forwarded to the integration specialist.


Google Pay API payment method can be initialized if the merchant sends GOOGLEPAY for parameter paymentType.


MERCHANTS can set the ccard brand for google pay and allowedCardNetworks in checkbox should be chosen:


Possible value(s) of allowedCardNetworks Description


American Express




Diners Club





By default all brands will be activated.

General Information about the Integration

QENTA integrated GooglePay for web merchants based on the following documentations:

There is no need to follow these integration guidelines as they are already covered within the QENTA products.

Information about the authorization methods can be found here.

QENTA offers GooglePay in the hosted payment solutions, which allows the merchant to communicate directly with the QENTA API.

GooglePay encrypted payment information (cryptogram) is handled directly by QENTA.

In general, gateway credentials are mandatory for the GooglePay integration. The gateway and gatewayMerchantId are set by QENTA and are not needed to be set by the merchant.