THE TEXT BELOW IS DEPRECATED! The new version can be found HERE

With 12.02.2024, further consumer details are required for VISA 3DS transactions. The details can be found in the official VISA announcement.

Qenta strongly recommends sending these parameters regardless of the brand, as it is very likely that other brands will also request these parameters soon.

Change summary (DEPRECATED)

Already mandatory since Jan. 2021

  • consumerEmail

  • consumerBillingFirstname

  • consumerBillingLastname

Mandatory with 12.2.2024

  • consumerBillingCity

  • consumerBillingCountry

  • consumerBillingAddress1

  • consumerBillingZipCode

  • consumerBillingState

  • consumerBillingPhone or consumerBillingMobilePhone

QPAY/CheckoutPage and QMORE/CheckoutSeamless (ECOM) (DEPRECATED)

The parameters can be found in 3DS Requirements and Consumer Data

For Plugins it is necassary to activate "Send additional billing data" in the settings of the plugin. It must be ensured that the corresponding fields are also filled in during customer registration (e.g. telephone number)!

QCALL/Checkout Terminal, QFILE/Checkout Automated and QPAY Backoffice (MOTO) (DEPRECATED)

These requirements do NOT apply to these products/MOTO transactions!

If the GUI (Graphical User Interface) of PayByLink is used, the merchant has either filled in the required fields in the Table 4. Customer Settings or used the "ask for billing info" checkbox to force the customer to provide the data during checkout.

If the API (Application Programming Interface) of PayByLink is used, the parameter "customer" must be sent as described in the "requestParameters" or the input fields must be set to active.

QTILL/CheckoutEnterprise (ECOM) (DEPRECATED)

For QTILL, the in the top described Consumer Billing Data must be sent during command INITIATEPAYMENT.

THE TEXT ABOVE IS DEPRECATED! The new version can be found HERE

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