Setting up 3rd party permissions

Setting up 3rd party permissions

Third-party permission to the PayPal Business Account for accessing PayPal-related payment information is needed for integrating PayPal into an online shop.

The recommendation is to set the browser language to English to display all available permissions.

Step 1

If the PayPal account doesn’t already exist, then PayPal Business Account needs to be registered at PayPal.

Step 2

The steps from the PayPal documentation Grant a third-party permissions should be followed and used as the username.

Step 3

The following types of permissions should be selected on the Add New Third Party Permissions page:

  • Use Express Checkout to process payments.

  • Issue a refund for a specific transaction.

  • Authorize and capture the PayPal transactions.

  • Obtain information about a single transaction.

  • Charge an existing customer based on a prior transaction.

  • Create and manage Recurring Payments.

  • Use Express Checkout to process mobile payments.


Step 4

The PayPal registration e-mail address should be sent to our integration specialists.