Eps-Überweisung is offered by Austrian banks and Giropay is offered by German banks.

Eps-Überweisung and Giropay allows consumers to make online payments via their online banking applications. After successful login, a form will open on eps-Überweisung containing the transfer order for the consumer’s bank. All relevant details of the purchase e.g. amount and consumer details are already filled in and the consumer needs to authorize the transaction. Once the transfer order has been accepted by the consumer’s bank, you’ll receive a confirmation.


You have to conclude and sign an eps merchant contract with your account-holding bank. If you have stated card complete as your acquirer, QENTA will receive a PIN which is required by our integration specialists to complete the configuration of your account. If you did not state card complete as your acquirer, you need to forward this PIN letter to us, also IBAN and BIC of your bank account; otherwise, your configuration can’t be finished.


The value EPS-SO has to be forwarded for the request parameter financialInstitution which is required for QMORE Checkout Seamless.

Eps/Giropay payment methods can be initialized if the merchant sends EPS for parameter paymentType.

Optional request parameter customerStatement and orderReference are more restricted with regard to their length and allowed characters than usual.

QENTA offers different layouts for the consumers bank statement with a maximum length of 35 characters. Be aware that orderReference and/or customerStatement must be defined in the request to be used. Contact our integration specialists to choose a different option.

orderNumber = 843160
orderReference = 1234567890
customerStatement = customerStatement12345

Option 1: orderNumber + orderReference + customerStatement = ”000000843160 1234567890 customerSta”

Option 2: orderNumber + Localtime = ”0000843160-20211220-150839”

Option 3: orderReference = ”001234567890”

Option 4: orderNumber + customerStatement = ”000000843160 customerStatement12345”

Option 1 is enabled by default.

Order Flow Diagram


To interpret this diagram, the successful completion of a NEW PAYMENT is assumed.

For the explanation of the different status descriptions included in this diagram have a look at getOrderDetails.
You can find all possible states of transactions for all specific acquirers here.